workplace bullying

The Singapore Police said a report has been lodged with regard to an incident of physical abuse at the workplace.

The Police report was lodged by the victim and the co-worker who recorded the video.

This comes as the incident was filmed and shared virally over The Real Singapore FB page with over 7000+ shares and more than 800,000 views.

The video documenting a man hitting another man went viral after it was uploaded on May 18.

A Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) spokesperson has confirmed that the intern is a student with the school.

SIM said it has terminated his internship with the company immediately. SIM added the student has been offered assistance.

However, it is not known why SIM decided to terminate the intern as it is highly doubtful that he will become a victim of workplace bullying in that company after such a big hoo-ha.

Meanwhile, in a statement released on Monday evening, the Manpower Ministry (MOM) said it was notified of the video via email on Monday.

MOM said it has been in touch with the intern who recorded the video.

The ministry also reminds employers that they are expected to treat their employees fairly and with respect.

It added that in situations where employees feel threatened, they should report to their supervisor or human resource officer.

MOM said if they belong to a union, victims of abuse should seek advice and assistance from their unions.

And in the case of physical harm, victims of abuse should report to the police immediately.

Editor's Note: A useless union such as NTUC did not even bother responding to our queries over such a serious incident, it is questionable as to whether they would really be able to help others who are bullied at work. What do you think?